Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Crib Transition

Oh god, where to begin. I wish we could just fast forward to a week or two from now when this is all over. I just want my sleep back. Please?

From the beginning, we always said that once Wyatt is 6 months old, he will no longer sleep in our room with us. Of course, this is easy to say when your baby is a week old, like oh yeah, we'll totally move him to his crib...six months from now...because he'll no longer be a fragile newborn...and he'll be so much more dependent by then.

First-time parent rookie mistake.

He's slept in his crib a handful of times his entire life, mostly for naps but never through the entire night. We tried to once, and it was a disaster that left us scarred until now. I hear all these people talk about how they decided to transition their baby to the crib cold-turkey, and on the first night, he or she slept 10 hours straight...just stop, I strongly dislike you all. Just kidding, give me all your advice.

Honestly, if I could do it all over again, I think I would have transitioned him to his own room around the 3 month mark. By then, he had cut back on number and length of the middle of the night feedings and was down to only two 15 minutes sessions, so it really wouldn't have been so bad to go back and forth between the rooms. He was a super deep sleeper then. Plus, I was still home full-time, so I could have caught up on any lost sleep while he napped during the day. But I held on too long - I wanted him right there next to me in his Pack 'n Play where I could hear him the second he woke up. While this was great for those initial months, when SIDS is a constant fear and hearing a wimper in the middle of the night is actually consoling, now it's becoming a problem. I find myself waking at any small noise he makes, and then I end up laying awake, waiting to see if his noises turn into cries - the dread of every parent. And then I don't sleep.

Another downside to sharing a room with Wyatt now is the noise WE make. We always have the white noise machine going for him while he sleeps, but it only masks so much. We have to tip-toe around - in the pitch dark - to get ready for work and when we go to bed. I actually walked out of my room the other morning with my shirt on inside out. Thank god I did a once over in the mirror before I left for work like that.

So, yeah, it's time. I think Wyatt has been ready for a while; it's Brent and I who are dragging our feet on this. We know it's going to mean sacrificing sleep for awhile - could be a few nights, maybe a week, possibly longer - and sleep is a very valuable gift as a parent. You can't blame us for not wanting to give that up. But we decided in the middle of the night, when Wyatt was up from 3 to 5 o'clock this morning, that today begins the crib training. We're going cold-turkey on it. Wish us luck - or send me a bottle of wine - because I have a feeling we'll need it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Peaches and (Blowing) Raspberries

This kid cracks me up.

And yes, that is Wyatt pooping his diaper 23 seconds into the video. That's my boy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Skinny Funfetti Cake Batter Ice Cream

There's a recipe going around on Pinterest lately for skinny funfetti dip. My neighbor made it for her annual Easter party, and my god, was it good. Turns out, it's super easy to make with only 3 ingredients involved: funfetti cake mix, Greek yogurt, and Cool Whip.. I made it as a dip and decided to freeze the leftovers as a makeshift ice cream to have later in the week. While it obviously doesn't have the same creamy texture as real ice cream, it's incredibly decadent and the perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth without sacrificing the calories.

Skinny Funfetti Cake Batter Ice Cream
1/2 box of funfetti cake mix
4 C Lite Cool Whip, thawed
2 C Chobani nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt
Rainbow sprinkles, optional


  • Combine all ingredients together in a large bowl, mixing until well incorporated.
  • Cover and place in freezer for at least 4 hours - I did overnight.
  • For best consistency, scoop out frozen ice cream into a bowl and allow it to sit out for 30 minutes before eating. I found it becomes creamier and more like ice cream when it's allowed to melt a little. Serve with extra sprinkles - or animal crackers!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Recap

Coming out of such a great weekend really makes it so much more difficult to come to work on Monday. I thought this was supposed to be getting easier. Instead, I find myself mourning my time at home with Wyatt more and more with each passing week. When I turned back this morning before leaving my room and saw him sleeping there, I felt the urge the cry for the first time since I dropped him off at daycare the first day. I had to quickly run out of the house because I was thiiiis close to not leaving.

Anyways, the Morses had a fun-filled, busy weekend! On Friday, my company had its annual Bring Your Kids to Work Day...and for the first time in my 6 years here, I got to participate with my own child! It's a super cute event - it's mostly geared toward toddler-age kids and up where they come in and perform all sorts of science experiments all morning, and then pizza and a movie is played at lunch. Wyatt is still too young to even acknowledge activities like that, so he just hang out on his blanket playing with toys all morning, and he was a happy camper.

I couldn't resist putting him in a lab coat and little scientist! His mom and dad are scientists, so naturally, he's going to be an artist or something. But he looked damn cute regardless!

There was a fingerprinting station, so I thought it would be fun to have him participate in that. His foot was easy. His hand? Not so much. I think we have the kid that doesn't like wet, slimy things on his hands. He clenched his fist the second it hit the ink pad, and I had to pry it open to get the hand print. Fail.

He had a nice long nap on Friday afternoon, and we rounded out our day with a stroller walk and some swinging in the backyard. He loves his new swing and would sit in here for an hour if I let him.

On Saturday, he was fighting his morning nap in a bad way, so I buckled him up in the stroller and went out for hill repeats in the cemetery. The stroller is a godsend, and sometimes, it's the only way to ensure he naps. Let me tell you - running hills with a stroller is a tough.workout. You don't have the full use of your arms to help pump you up the hill, and you're also pushing an extra 20+ lbs in front of you. I managed to do 6 hill repeats before I was done and called quits on that one. Plus, I had the 5K road race the next day, so I didn't want to do too much and be hurting for the run.

We spent the rest of the day celebrating my friend, Lauren's, son's first birthday! I can't believe he is one already, the year went by It seemed like just yesterday we had gone up to visit when he was still a newborn. He's lost his baby look and is now full-blown little boy - such a love! After his party, we went out to dinner with my mom and stepdad. Wyatt is at a great age right now for going out to restaurants, so we try to take advantage when we can. He just sits in his carseat/stroller and plays with toys.

Our usually-good-sleeper was up all night Saturday night aside from maaaaybe 3-4 hours? So Brent and I were pretty exhausted Sunday morning - bad timing to be running a 5K! That's ok, we pushed through. Wyatt loves running with his mumma. He was very gabby, and I think he scared a few unsuspecting runners along the way with his high-pitched shrieks hah! I ran this same race last year when I was just coming out of the first trimester, and it's a great family event. We ended up finishing in 29:21 - much faster than I expected to finish considering the hills and stroller. We had a blast!

Wyatt was a little disappointed we didn't come in first, but I told him there's always next year.

We rounded out the weekend with a little taste of PEACHES!! Wyatt will be 6 months old in two weeks, so we've been playing around with food a bit. He doesn't eat it yet, mostly just plays with it. At 6 months, we're going to begin the baby led weaning process, so I'll be blogging about our adventures with that a lot, I'm sure. Peaches were much more of a hit than avocados or sweet potatoes were. I think we're going to have another sweet tooth in the house...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Go make this for dinner tonight: Jerk Chicken

I feel like the constant dilemma I'm faced with is lack of creativity in the kitchen. I love to cook. But time - you see - time is an issue lately. Not even so much the time it takes to cook a meal, but the time it takes to plan a meal and be somewhat creative about it. We eat a lot of chicken, and lately, those poor chicken breasts get the tried and true oil, soy sauce, montreal chicken seasoning treatment before being thrown on the grill. Don't get me wrong, ain't nothin' wrong with deliciously seasoned grilled chicken - plus, can't really beat the clean up (or lack there of) that comes along with grill season. But I feel like I'm seriously neglecting chicken when I make it the same.damn.way.every.time. And I just don't get excited to eat it anymore.

I was shuffling through some of my favorite food blogs yesterday, and I stumbled across this recipe by Averie Cooks for jerk a sweet and tangy sauce...with caramelized pineapple and mango...and a little side of hell effing yes.

It was meant to be, me and this chicken. I didn't have jerk seasoning in my pantry, which is shocking considering we have everything else ever stocked in the spice aisle. So I made my own, using this recipe - I halved the recipe and used the entire season blend for the jerk chicken dish. I very generously seasoned those breasts.

I also didn't have fresh mango or pineapple because I live in New England, and in case you missed it, we still had snow on the ground like 3 weeks ago, so pineapple is a very distant thought in my memory. BUT I did have both mango and pineapple frozen in chunks for when I make my smoothies, and I highly recommend going this route because it's hassle-free. Who likes to cut up pineapple and mango anyways? The process is tedious, and you throw half the stuff out anyways. I threw the frozen chunks right into a pan with the coconut oil, and they caramelized to perfection.

I followed the recipe exactly as is, and it came out incredible. There is not one thing I would have changed about it. Good job, Averie, you sparked my creativity in the kitchen and made me excited to eat chicken again.

Now, go make this for dinner tonight.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Out with the old, in with the new

Woah! So many changes. Allow me to explain.

You probably noticed that for awhile now, I've been drifting further and further from blogging about health and fitness and more about - well - a little bit of everything. As my life has changed, so has this blog. So in the theme of "out with the old, in with the new" I have decided to revamp this site to better reflect its contents.

A new name, a new look, and a fresh start - you can still find all the old posts here. I did delete the FitterSelf URL, so please make sure to redirect to from now on.

I will still scatter in some recipe posts (some healthy, some not so healthy, likely some baby-friendly) and exercise tips, but much of the blog will be geared around lifestyle.

Thanks for sticking around all these years and following along with me!

Our Baby Must-Haves: 0-6 Months

Like most clueless first-time parents, we spent endless hours setting up a magazine-worthy nursery, registered for every item that Babies R Us told us to, and we had the crib assembled, bed sheets on, and ready to go 2 months before his arrival. HAH! Our nursery still sits pretty, and other than a play room that houses Wyatt's clothes, it is essentially unused. Half the items we registered for, we used only a handful of times. Wyatt has slept in his crib 5 times over the past almost 6 months. FIVE TIMES. We laugh about what a rush we were in to have it set up in ample time before his birth. You live, you learn. However, these are some of the items we could not have lived without the first six months of his life.

1 | Fisher Price Rock 'n Play sleeper || We had no idea at the time, but Wyatt suffered from silent reflux as a newborn and would not lay flat on his back to sleep. We tried the crib, pack and play, bassinet, co-sleeping in our bed...all of which ended up with us holding him in the middle of the night throughout the first week of his life. I broke down and spent the $60 on this Rock 'n Play, and it seriously SAVED OUR LIVES. We still use it on occasion - I put him in it while I shower, and if he has a particularly stuffed up nose and needs the incline to breathe better, he will sleep in it - though Wyatt is creeping up to the point of not being able to fit comfortably in it to sleep anymore. That will be a sad day in the Morse house. I'll be storing this for baby #2 someday, that's for sure. And I will be recommending it to every friend having a baby in the future.

2 | MAM pacifiers + clip || Wyatt refused a pacifier for the first 3 months of his life, and I honestly do not know how we survived his newborn stage without it. Since he began taking it, our lives got muchmuchmuch easier. Car rides, being out in public, going down to sleep - the pacifier is a godsend. We own about 8 of these, one for each corner of the house, both the upstairs and downstairs. Kidding...maybe. In fact, the other night, we went out to dinner, and we got to the restaurant only to realize we left the damn pacifier on the kitchen island. We turned right back around and got it. We don't fool around. The clip has come in handy, especially when we take him out and about in public places, where you really don't want that pacifier to drop.

3 | Dr. Browns bottles + cleaning brush || Not only did he refuse a pacifier until he was 3 months old, he refused bottles as well. These bottles made it possible for me to gain some social aspects of my life back, so Dr. Brown, I will forever be grateful. I'll be honest, these bottles are a pain in the ass to clean with the million pieces, but their claim to reducing gas definitely rings true. Also, the cleaning brush is pretty handy. I use it to clean my wine glasses, too. See? Multi-purpose.

4 | Graco Pack 'n Play || When the Rock 'n Play started getting snug, we transitioned Wyatt to the Pack 'n Play, and that's where he sleeps, still in our room. We used the bassinet attachment from about 3 months to 4 months, until we realized there was a 15 lb weight limit on it - woops - so we dropped it down, and he sleeps great in there. My mom bought one to have at her house so that when we stay over there, we don't have to bring ours. They're pretty handy to have. Now that he's sitting up a lot more, we began to sit him in there with some toys, and he uses it as his play yard while I fold laundry or clean up. In just a few weeks, we are beginning the transition to his crib in his own room, and I plan on moving the Pack 'n Play downstairs so that he can play in there while I make dinner at night. This thing is great!

5 | Fisher Price bath tub || This tub grows with the baby, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a baby-friendly tub before they're ready to sit up on their own in the regular bathtub. We started off with the sling until about 2 months old, now we're propping him back using the little seat, and Wyatt loves it. He has plenty of space to kick and splash around. We'll be moving him to sitting up in the seat attachment soon until he is able to sit up independently, when he'll go into the regular tub.

6 | Baby Einstein "Take Along Tunes" || Our neighbor, who has two boys, gifted this to us when we got home from the hospital, and we have used it pretty much every day of Wyatt's life. It saved us on MANY car rides, doctor visits, Stroller strides classes, and play times. It's small and portable, and it lights up and plays different songs at the press of the button. Wyatt is still fascinated by it almost 6 months later. Whenever I leave the house with him, I toss it in the diaper bag. We thought the batteries ran out while we were out the other day. I panicked. Luckily, it was just the cover coming loose, so it was an easy fix...which reminds me, I need to learn to keep batteries in the diaper bag, just in case.

7 | White Noise Machine || This is key to getting your baby to sleep well, beginning at the newborn stage. In the womb, babies are used to 24/7 background noise; they're not used to sleeping when it's quiet. Start using it night #1 at home, include it in your bedtime ritual, and baby will associate it with sleep. It's miraculous. Wyatt still sleeps with white noise and probably will for the foreseeable future.

8 | HALO SleepSack Swaddle || It's no news that newborns like to be swaddled. We went through a few different swaddles: we started with the manual swaddling by hand with a large blanket, which works but is a pain in the ass; we moved on to SwaddleMe velcro swaddles, which made things much easier during middle of the night diaper changes until Wyatt outgrew them; and from there we moved onto this HALO SleepSack Swaddle, which we LOVE. I wish we had just used this from the beginning because it can be used throughout all stages of infancy, and we would have saved money going through the other swaddle brands.

9 | Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit || I've heard some conflicting reviews on this, and it comes with a hefty price tag, in my opinion, however, this product worked WONDERS for us, so I believe it was worth every penny we spent on it. It's a great transition sleep suit for getting your baby to sleep without a swaddle once he or she is capable of rolling. It looks like a giant space suit, and it helps muffle the remaining startle reflex that your baby has after the newborn stage. We've been using this for about 2 months now, and we have loved it. Wyatt began sleeping 10+ hours a night in this thing. Like I said, worth every penny. Unfortunately, we have retired it recently because he is giant and it's getting too difficult to squeeze him in there any more. We've gone back to the SleepSack with arms out. Pray for us.

10 | Rhino Toys Oball || This was the first toy Wyatt could grasp and play with on his own, and it's still one of his favorites. We have two actually: one comes everywhere with us and the other stays home.

11 | Baby K'tan Carrier || I have multiple baby carriers, but this one was by far the easiest one to use with a small baby. The Moby, or similar carriers, are great once you learn how to get the wraps down, but even a pro can't do it quicker than you can get a baby in the K'tan carrier. I had Wyatt in my K'tan every day when he was a newborn. It was the only way I could get dinner made most nights...or the house vacuumed...or the dishes done. One of my favorite things about it is carrier that you can throw it right in the regular laundry to clean it. One of the only downsides I've found is that they are sized particularly - it's not a one size fits all. I went with a small when I bought it, but I found that it stretches after use pretty easily, and I wished I had gotten an x-small. This can obviously be fixed by washing and drying it, which seems to shrink it back temporarily, but I recommend sizing down if you are looking to buy one. You'd rather have your baby hugged closely against you anyways. Now that Wyatt is nearing 20 lbs, I've found using a soft structured carrier, such as the Beco Gemini, is a lot more comfortable for me, and once Wyatt got to about 16 lbs, I stopped using my K'tan.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our Days Lately

Let me tell you, I am sososo jealous of people with babies that live in areas of the world with no winter. This whole sun + 60 degrees thing is incredible! Wyatt basically spent the entire first 4 months of his life inside the four walls of a house...or building...or car. We really only had a handful of days where it was warm enough (I'm talking above 30 degrees) to go for a walk, and believe me, we took advantage of them. Plus, we were buried under 6 feet of snow for most of January through March. Thank God we had Stroller Strides every morning to get us out of the house. One more month of winter, and I think we would have been committed. Yes, even Wyatt.

However, after our long ass winter here in New England, Spring has returned, and she has been oh so very good to us. I'm bummed this weather came almost immediately once I returned to work, but obviously, that's to be expected in April. We sure make the most of it once I get home though! I pick Wyatt up around 3:30 from daycare, we head home so I can change into workout gear, I load him up in the jogging stroller, and out we go for our run. He hasn't been a stellar napper at daycare, so getting him in the stroller for a nap is necessary come 4 o'clock. It's just as good for me as it is for him because it's my motivator to exercise. Not gonna lie, it's hard and it's exhausting. After waking up for the day at 5am to nurse Wyatt, getting ready for work, having everything packed for both Wyatt and myself, and then working an 8-9 hour day, I have no desire to workout when I get home. All I want to do is curl up on the couch and do nothing - but obviously, that is not an option. "Oh hey, Jasper, can you handle Wyatt for an hour or so while I unwind?" Yeah, nope. Not possible. But I always find that no matter how tired I am, once I begin my workout, I have so much more energy. Plus, Wyatt gets his last nap of the day in, so it's a win-win. Then we spend the rest of the afternoon out in the yard. My little man loves it!

Once Brent gets home, which is usually around 6, we start making dinner. We take turns with this now that I'm back at work; one cooks, the other one gets the way-more-fun job of playing with Wy guy. Since Brent really only gets to see him for like two hours a day, and I get all afternoon with him, I don't mind tackling the dinner so he can bond with his boy. Around 7, Brent gives Wyatt his bath, which is always entertaining. Wyatt LOVES bath time. I spend that half hour doing all the dinner clean-up and dishes, which includes all the bottle parts and pump parts from the day. Then I have to get all Wyatt's bottles prepared, labeled, and packed in the fridge for the following day at daycare. Usually by then, bath time is over, and Wyatt is ready for bed. I head up to nurse him until he falls asleep, and he's in his Pack n' Play by 8 o'clock. I then head downstairs and join Brent on the couch to finally sit down and relax, some nights enjoy a glass of wine, catch up on DVR, read, etc. And honestly, by 9 o'clock, I'm done for the day, so I head up to bed. Then the day begins all over again at 5am. After Wyatt's first morning nursing session, he goes back down until about 6:30/7am when Brent usually has to wake him up to get ready for daycare. I'm usually out the door by 6:15 though, so Brent handles all the morning duties and drop-off. As of right now, Wyatt's getting 4-5 ounces of pumped breastmilk 3x a day (roughly at 8am, 11am, and 2pm) at daycare, and he is taking multiple catnaps a day. I'm hoping that once he gets used to sleeping in a room full of other babies with the lights on, he'll start getting back to his longer naps (2-3 one hour naps), but it may take awhile they said. We always get a daily report to let us know what Wyatt's been up to all day at daycare, and I look forward to reading it every day. He gets lots of time on the activity mat, doing tummy time, reading, sing-a-longs with the teachers, and practicing sitting up. I can tell he loves it because he's always smiling when he's there - it makes it much easier knowing he is being taken such good care of when he's not with us all day. I can tell ya, I've never appreciated weekends so much in my life as I do now that I'm a working mom. Saturdays and Sundays are very precious, and I'll admit, I rarely put Wyatt down during those 48 hours. Oh, and I kiss his cheeks at least 2389172398 times, but can you blame me??

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wyatt: Five Months

I feel like I'll be saying this with every passing month now, but this was the best one yet! The fifth month was full of fun happenings. Wyatt emerged from the 4th leap (Wonder Weeks) - that one was a DOOZY, and we were glad when it ended. Almost immediately after the leap ended, he was into exploring more. He began grabbing at his feet to do happy baby pose a lot, he took more of an interest in rolling over to reach something, he can now sit up (almost) unassisted. He's learning to reach his hand out in front of him to touch the ground to balance himself, but he still topples to the side at times, so I surround him with pillows and make sure I am close by. He rarely ever cries, and when he does, it's become more of an impatient fuss in demand of something, usually attention. He is currently SUPER into his ExerSaucer. We tested it out shortly after he turned 4 months, but his legs still didn't quite reach the floor, so we held off until 2 weeks later. And wouldn't you know, the next time we put him in it, he could reach the floor with flat feet. These babies grow so fast! Now he's starting to really go at it in the ExerSaucer, grabbing at all the toys to chew on, swatting and making the different parts move, shaking the rattles. He's not quite into bouncing just yet, which surprises me because he's always kicking out his legs when he's on his back or in a seated position. So I have a feeling that's coming next. We have one of those door jumpers and a bouncer for when he starts to show interest. I just think it's so darn cute to see babies go wild in these things!

Wyatt went on a plane for the first time down to Florida for a little getaway from the awful winter we had up here, and I have to say, traveling with a 4 month old was WAY easier than I expected it to be. We had him out and about every day. We went to the Lowry Park Zoo, watched the sunset at Clearwater Beach, went for stroller walks outside, tried different restaurants, walked around the mall when it was too hot out. We tried to maintain his schedule as best we could, and he ended up sleeping better on vacation than he even does at home. I think the little guy LOVED being outside in the fresh air and soaking in the warm weather - just like his momma! It makes me even more excited for summer to arrive - there's just so much more to do with a baby when you're not stuck inside all day long. The next time we travel, we'll be going to Michigan for my brother-in-law's wedding in November, and Wyatt will be just over a year old. I have a feeling we'll be wishing we could go back to this 4-5 month stage at that point since he'll likely be walking by then. Yikes!

Wyatt started daycare last week, and unfortunately, he's already gotten sick. A week in, and we already had a cold and pink eye. Womp womp. It amazes me how fast these things get passed around. Luckily, our little guy is still as happy as can be and doesn't really seem phased by any of this. It's probably harder on Brent and I to hear him cough than it is on him. His sleep is taking a bit of a hit while he fights off this cold, but he has been doing 10+ hours a night, so I hope he can return back to that once he feels better.

Wyatt enjoyed his first Easter. I can't believe that at this time next year, he'll be running all around, eating Easter dinner with us, and probably even starting to talk. Can't they just stay little forever?

His last weigh in, he was 17.5 lbs, so he's probably nearing 18 lbs now. He's a big boy! He's outgrowing all of his 6 month clothes, so I've had to move him on to 9 month clothing. He's still strictly on breastmilk now, but we're planning to introduce some solid foods once he hits 6 months. So basically, this is our last month of hassle-free, mess-free eating in the Morse house. I have a feeling this kid is going to be a messy eater like his dad. Also, now that Wyatt is starting to sit up more, we've noticed the things that cause discomfort for a baby - reflux, gas, burps, etc - are dissipating. He has actually been off his reflux meds for over a month now, and I never noticed any symptoms return. I also rarely burp him after a feeding anymore - he seems to be quite capable of doing this himself. He is just such a happy little boy, we're loving this infant stage!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Wyatt's First Easter

I started off Easter Sunday with a run in anticipation of all the food I was about to inhale later in the day. I haven't set foot on the treadmill in over a month since it's been so nice out, but I wanted to get a quick workout in while Wyatt was down for his morning nap, so I opted to stay at home. Earlier in the year, when I returned to exercise, I set a goal for myself to be able to run an 8:30 mile by end of April. I think running with that stroller up hills and whatnot is paying off because this happened:

An 8:15 mile for 4 miles? I'll take it.

Then I went and squeezed in some quick pics of Wy guy in his Easter outfit. He looked so darn cute! I bought this outfit about a month ago at Target, and he BARELY fit in it yesterday. I was saying a little prayer while I was buttoning it around his diaper. His legs are CHUNKY...the leg hole openings were a wee bit tight, but we made it work for a few hours before I gave in and put him in sweats. 

My mom came over early to help get everything set up. I recycled a lot of my baby shower decor for the occasion. 

Jasper now associates himself as a human and occasionally sits at the table with all the adults.

My 1 month old niece, Ava, was celebrating her first Easter as well, and Wyatt is like totally enthralled with her. He kept grabbing for her hand, it was super sweet. They're almost exactly 4 months apart, and something tells me she'll be bossing him around by next Easter. 

Friday, April 3, 2015


I forgot what a great feeling it was to wake up and realize it's Friday. Even better? It's going to be 70 degrees by the time I get out of work today. I can't handle it.

To honor the occasion, I gathered some of my favorite Spring necessities:

Bright pants? Check.
Flip flops? Check.
Iced coffee? Check.

Yup, think I got everything covered. My pedicure is still even intact from Florida two weeks ago.

Let's talk about the weekend. Easter! We are hosting again this year, and while last year, I went all out with the decorating and food prep, this year, we're keeping it a bit simpler, and we're getting a lot of help from our guests. I enjoy a good challenge, but it's difficult enough to get dinner for two on the table before Wyatt goes to bed, never mind preparing an entire Easter meal for 15 people.

We're doing our usual Easter egg hunt at noon - Brent and I hard-boiled 3 dozen eggs last night that we'll color Saturday night. We've got a wide food spread planned. The one thing I did set aside the time to do was make these Easter-themed oreo truffles that I found on Pinterest a few weeks back. I love activities like this. I tackled it after Wyatt went to bed last night, and it was a nice way to turn off my mind and unwind. The recipe is super easy - it's just your typical oreo truffle recipe, and instead of rolling them into balls, you shape them into eggs, dip into chocolate, and then decorate with different designs. Another option is to dip into white chocolate and then decorate with different colored white chocolate melts, like they did here. It's like edible art. I doubled the recipe because I'm also taking these as a dessert to our neighbor's annual Easter party on Saturday, so I wanted to make sure I'd have plenty for the whole weekend. I scooped about 1-2 Tbsp of dough per truffle and ended up with about 50 truffles after doubling the recipe, just to give you an idea. If you're looking for a creative dessert for Easter and have kids, this could be a great activity to have them help with - the decorating was my favorite part!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

We survived!

So I can officially say I am now a working mom...AND the first day went much better than I anticipated! We had a really great start to the day. Wyatt slept a nice 8.5 hour stretch, woke up around 5:30 to nurse/cuddle, went back down for another hour while Brent and I got ready for work, Brent got him changed and dressed while I packed up all the supplies for daycare/work, and we were out the door by 6:45!

Wyatt wasn't used to getting up this early either!

When we got there, we stayed with Wyatt for a bit to get him acclimated. We got to meet his teacher and the two other boys (3 months and 4 months old) that will be in his classroom. It's kind of adorable to think he will be growing up with these boys! He warmed up right away to everyone there, and was quite interested with being on the playmat. Daycare has a lot of toys that we don't have, and this kid LOVES to play, so he was intrigued. He was smiling and gabbing. So we took the opportunity to leave on a positive note. I broke down a bit when saying goodbye, but all in all, it went really well.

In a way, it was good to get back to work. I haven't used my brain much in the past 5 months - beyond nursing, diaper changes, and napping schedules. I felt like I had drifted so far away from science in the time that I had been home. But being back at work made me feel like I never left. It's funny how that works, huh? Plus, it was great to see my coworkers again. We got out for lunch even - and I didn't have to ask my parents to babysit. I forgot what that was like!

I only called daycare once to check in. I really tried not to be that mom calling every hour - it's hard! Luckily, I was very busy yesterday, so the time flew by. Towards the end of the work day, I started to get a little anxious, so I took off a few minutes early to go pick Wyatt up. When I got there, it was pretty much the happiest I think I had been in long time. Seeing him look at me with acknowledgement like "oh, hey mom!"...he reached out for me with a smile and slobbered all over my face. Man, it was just awesome. He was the king of cat naps yesterday at daycare, so I strapped him into the stroller for a long jog when I got home. It's the sure way of getting him to nap these days. Once we got home, he made it known he did NOT appreciate being anywhere but in my arms, which I was very happy to oblige to. Baby cuddles, all night. Can't get much better than that.