Monday, September 14, 2015

Wyatt: 10 Months

How is this dude already 10 months old? I swear he was 10 DAYS old, like, yesterday.

Wyatt underwent a giant leap this month, both physically and developmentally. We're catching more and more glimpses of what this guy will be like as a toddler, and I have to say, I'm loving it. He is SO interactive now, he has a full-blown personality (he is JUST like his mama - kind of scary), and he is getting pretty good at occupying himself with different activities.

Starting at about 7/8 months, he began navigating the floor and crawling backwards, but he just never seemed to be able to figure out he could go forward, which resulted in a lot of frustration and meltdowns. We kept waiting and waiting and waiting to see him FINALLY be able to crawl forward on his hands and knees, and it happened pretty much right after he hit 9 months. He just kind of took off across the room. Now, he's become an unstoppable force. His favorite place is the kitchen - isn't that the case with all babies? He's obsessed with opening and closing doors right now. He could really care less what's on the other side of the door, just as long as it swings open...that was, until he discovered where I keep the pots and pans the other day, and now he seems to be paying more attention to what's inside all the cabinets....which means, it's time to install the latches (not looking forward to that).

Wyatt's other favorite activity right now is practicing walking while I told his hands. He reaaaaally wants to walk. He's pulling himself up and cruising around on the furniture now. He's still not ready yet though. He falls quite a lot these days. I've already gotten a couple calls from daycare just to let me know he tried to let go of something and walk, and he ended up falling and knocking his [insert body part]. Poor dude. I feel like a helicopter at home these days always hovering nearby. We have hardwood floors throughout our first floor, with scattered rugs, but as luck would have it, he always coincidentally tumbles in the non-carpeted areas. Of course.

He chatters constantly. He says mama and dada now, which pretty much explodes my heart every time. He waves hi, he claps, and just this past weekend, he learned to blow kisses. It's adorable. Any sort of blanket/bib type thing, he holds it up to his ear like it's a phone. While we were walking through the grocery store yesterday, he had my wristlet, and he kept grabbing the wrist strap and holding it up to his ear like he was making a phone call. Quite the imagination.

He is FINALLY cutting his firth tooth - only took 10 months! We've only had one kind of nasty day so far where we could tell it was hurting him, but for the most part, it doesn't seem to bother him at all. I've been trying to snap a picture of it, but he won't let me near the damn thing unless it's to chomp down on my finger, which HURTS LIKE HELL, so I try to avoid that.

He's an insanely happy baby 99% of the time...until he's tired. I took these monthly pictures right after I picked him up from daycare on Friday afternoon, and he hadn't napped in like 5 hours. Baddddd idea. He was a trooper for about 3 minutes. Then the almighty pout appeared. Then the tears. Then a much-needed nap.

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