Monday, July 13, 2015

Wyatt: 8 Months

This sweet little nugget is 8 months old now, can you believe it? Also, his hair seems to be growing exponentially with each passing month. There's so much of it now!

We've begun the process of baby-proofing and packing away some of his old toys (swing, which he never used anyways; bouncy chair, play mat, etc), which leaves me with a heavy heart. Motherhood has emphasized my already over-emotional self ten fold. It's amazing the things you cry over. Wyatt goes down in a sleepsack - he clutches it as a blanket to self-soothe while he falls asleep - and we had to go up a size last week. I weeped as I put away the old one, knowing he'll never wear it again. Sure, we plan on having a second child some day, which serves as some consolation, but there's just something extra special about going through all this the first time.

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again...we are L-U-C-K-Y. So very lucky. Wyatt is the happiest of babes. He's happy rolling around in his crib in the morning; he's happy sitting in your lap; he's happy playing with toys on the floor, he's happy in his exersaucer; he's happy hanging out in the stroller; he's happy in the car. In fact, the only time he's unhappy is when you're not shoveling food fast enough into his mouth. Dude LOVES his food. He gets three solid meals a day along with his milk, and there's not much he doesn't like. He gets a mix of purees with solid foods. We started him on those cereal puffs some time around the 7 month mark, and he's become a pro at grasping small bits of food now. He still has NO TEETH - just like his momma was at his age! - but he uses his gums like a pro. Those gums are deadly. He grabbed hold of my finger the other day and bit down - I was not expecting the force of his jaw to be what it was. I dare say it hurt, even. So yeah, he gets small chunks of everything we eat now. Meal times are super fun. Messy, but fun. I love watching Wyatt experience a new food for the first time. Some of his recent favorites are whole green beans, sweet potatoes roasted in coconut oil with cinnamon, turnips, whole wheat pasta, BBQ pulled chicken, and salmon. We've got a little foodie on our hands. He also started to introduce a sippy cup at meal times, and he picked up on it pretty quickly, which we weren't surprised about since he's been self-feeding his own bottles for awhile. Every baby is different, but we realized early that Wyatt is all about independence when it comes to successful feeding. He wasn't keen on being spoon fed until he was allowed to grab the spoon and feed himself. It creates a whole new level of mess this way, but it's so much fun watching him gain this independence. We love it and clearly, so does he!

Wyatt is still fairly immobile, which I'm taking full advantage of right now - I'm able to cook dinner while he plays on the floor next to me. I know once he starts crawling, I'll need to rethink my strategy. But for now, he's making it easy on us. He's starting to pull up on things - or at least try with all his might. He loves to be up standing, but he doesn't have the strength or attention span to hold on very long, so there have been quite a few tumbles lately if I'm not the one he's holding on to. He's learning though!

Recently, he's been even more vocal than usual, and he's started to play around with more consonants. For a long time, he stuck with babababababababa - over and over and over and over again. Now, he's discovering the "da" and "ma" sounds...he also shrieks whenever he sees Jasper and flaps his arms like he's got wings with plans to fly away. He loves that dog, and I think it's just the sweetest thing ever. Wyatt has some grabby hands, but Jasper seems to accept it for what it is and remains gentle. I can't get enough of these two.

On really hot weekend days, we drive out to my moms to use her pool, and Wyatt LOVES it. He has a police car floatie that he cruises around in, kicking his legs and splashing the water with his hands. He is quite the little summer baby, this one.

We went through a rough patch sleeping this month, when Wyatt was waking up screaming every hour or so and wouldn't go back down without being rocked fully to sleep. Also around this time, he suddenly began crying when Brent left every morning. Duhn duhn duhn - separation anxiety stage in full effect! It lasted a full 2 weeks for us before he adjusted. Now he's back to his usual happy self. He still goes to daycare 5 days a week, and he seems to be thriving there. They have the babies out for walks every day, they play outside, they do arts and crafts - Wyatt apparently loves fingerpainting - and he's napping like a champ there, which I'm sure helps his constant good mood.  I pick him up on my way home from work, and we still go out for our daily run together. He takes his last cat nap of the day in the stroller, then we head back to nurse, play in the yard, and cook dinner (Brent and I have been doing Blue Apron for the past two months, and we love it!) We do a nightly bath, and bedtime is 7:30 for the wee man. He sleeps completely through the night now, and wakes up around 6:30 for the day, when he gets his first bottle before heading off to daycare. He's still taking three naps a day (one good one in the morning and another in the afternoon, followed by a quick catnap in the stroller around 4), but I think over the next month or two, he'll be transitioning out of that last catnap. We shall see!

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