Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wyatt: 7 Months


It's hard to believe we're already in the second half of Wyatt's first year. Some days, he seems so much older to me - I think maybe because babies at this age are constantly hitting milestones - and then there are moments when he places his head in the crook of my arm after he nurses at bedtime when he still seems like a newborn...aside from the fact he is nearing 20 lbs now (!!!)

Wyatt is a baby that dreams are made of. He is calm, content doing just about anything, playful, observant (oh so observant), and happy all.the.time. Okay, except for when he's overtired. Sir Wyatt needs his 14-15 hours of sleep a day, you know. Speaking of sleep, it's been going really well. He goes down at 7:30 for bed, he wakes up between 4 and 5 for a morning nursing session, then he goes back down until about 7 when Brent gets him ready for daycare. We've had a few nights here and there where he might wake up wanting his pacifier, but it's usually a quick fix. Unfortunately, I think we're dealing with a teether right now, so the middle of the night wake-ups are becoming more frequent the past few nights. I'm hoping he cuts his teeth soon because by his cries, it sounds pretty painful. Poor guy!

It should come as no surprise that our mini sumo wrestler is loving all.the.foods. Solids has been a fun journey so far. We've started introducing some finger foods in addition to purees, and he is loving it. One of his favorites is when I cut a banana in half and remove some of the skin, leaving the top inch of banana exposed. He grabs the banana half right off his tray, and goes to town on it. He makes a lot of "mmm" noises while he eats, which I find hilarious. I guess it's a natural reaction when eating good food? Who knows! He also enjoys gumming away at avocado wedges and sucking watermelon chunks through his mesh eater. He'll eat pretty much any puree we give him at this point - aside from peas. He loves sweet potato, squash, green beans, apples, pears, peaches, bananas. For breakfast now, he gets plain whole milk yogurt with fruit and oats. And for dinner, he gets some sort of vegetable mixed with fruit. Our doctor gave the go-ahead to begin introducing some meats. We tried the pureed kind, but yikes, I'm sorry, that stuff is GROSS. It smells like cat food, and Wyatt spit that shit right out. I'm planning on making my own baby food this upcoming weekend, and I'll make sure it includes chicken that doesn't taste like garbage. Wyatt has tried salmon and meatballs and loved those, so I'm thinking of making mini salmon burgers and meatballs for him. I'm also going to plan to make this because hell, it sounds like something I would even eat. Wyatt got to taste a little bit of his Christening cake this past weekend, and it seems someone has a sweet tooth just like his mom and dad. After giving him a tiny taste, he continued to protest every time we'd take a bite and not give him any, so we had to eat the rest of it in secret. He's kind of getting like that with all foods now. Anything I'm eating, he wants to try. For the most part, he gets to try everything, as long as it's not loaded with salt or sugar...or honey. That's a big no-no. He seems to love everything, I'm hoping he stays like that!

A few weeks ago while we were doing some play time on the floor, Wyatt got onto all fours. It happened really fast. He couldn't hold himself up for long, only a few seconds, and he hasn't done it since. He's started using his arms to pull himself around in a circle to reach toys when he's on his tummy. All these serve as a reminder that we neeeeeed to baby proof. I think Brent and I are in denial that we have a child close to crawling-age in our house. We are thoroughly enjoying these last few months before Wyatt becomes mobile because after that, there will be no relaxing, I'm sure. 

We had some other fun happenings this month, including Wyatt's baptism, a day trip into Boston, and Brent's mother visiting from Michigan - she hadn't seen Wyatt since he was 5 days old! But wouldn't you know, the moment he saw her, he reached out his little arms to her, gave a huge gummy, open-mouthed smile, and nuzzled his head on her shoulder. Tears. 

We have a fun 4 day trip planned with my mom's family next weekend. We're heading up to Killington, VT! We rented a big house - for an equally large group - and we're super excited to spend the whole weekend with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. It's not very often we can all get together like this, since people are dispersed in Texas, Delaware, and Mass, so it'll be really nice. We're hoping to get some hiking in, hit up the Long Trail Brewing Company, and check out the Peak Lodge at Killington. We are so lucky to have an easy-going baby - he comes everywhere with us and is great in restaurants...for now, at least. So we take advantage while we still can. 

I know it sounds cliche, but every month gets better and better. We love our little man SO much. He makes every day an adventure, and we are incredibly lucky to be his parents.

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